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Informative 31-12-2016
December 31, 2016

Dear good night....

After about 20 hours of much struggle analyzing the settings of Drop and Spoil and in conference with the Russians that develop and provide support for our Pack Classic 1.0, we came to the understanding of how the revision that we used was developed and the logic imposed in it to determine The rate levels for Drop, Spoil and other system requirements in Classic Chronicle revision 1.0 of them ...

Today, at the beginning of the night, I released an updated configuration that should solve many of the discrepancies that exist, among them Drop and Spoil, which will most likely present itself in a more balanced and different way than it has been discouraging several users who have been with us since the launch. .

I am grateful for the collaboration of many who have been debating with me since yesterday here on Facebook, some others for the emails and private messages received, as several of the comments, emails and private messages helped us to discuss with the developers and find In the distribution lines of the necessary parameter settings.

I believe that now Drop and Spoil rates will be well equalized and balanced with the rest taking even the existing L2 Informers to Classic ...

Thank you all and wish you a Happy New Year, full of achievements, prosperity and health ... Happy New Year ...

Thanks again for the support, attention and understanding ...

JudgeDread and Staff Horyu

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