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Informative 31-12-2016
Dear good night.... After about 20 hours of much struggle analyzing the settings of Drop and Spoil and in conference with the Russians that develop and provide support for our P...
31 December, 2016
Bug 12/30/2016 - Warning and Considerations
Dear all, good night After a wonderful day of stress at work to end the year with the golden key, I come here and see another wonderful gift ... But come on ... I will try to...
30 December, 2016
Good Night Personal, from now 00:00 day 12/29/2016 all the donations that will be made will receive a bonus! For donations of 50R $ to 100R $ - 5% more than adena. For donation...
28 December, 2016
Classic Server 1.0 File Updates
Good evening... I want to inform you that we received updates yesterday from the Russians yesterday even applied some to today on the quests .... Tomorrow we will be applying all...
28 December, 2016
Information and Clarification
Dear good night... Please read the full ... I am once again coming to you to comment what I have evaluated by reading the logs, posts and doing a brief reading of the database .....
27 December, 2016
Note Clarification and Information
Note Clarification and Information ... Dears, good morning... I want to inform you that we are reviewing and correcting Bugs as they appear and are reported ... Whenever w...
23 December, 2016
Donation System - 100% Running
Dear gamers thank God and hard work, the donation system is already available and working perfectly! What happened? As previously reported our server has very tight security...
23 December, 2016