Horyu Classic - Evento Letter Collector
December 07, 2017

During this event that will mark the month of December, all mobs of the game can drop several letters and the number II that anyone can exchange in the NPC Letter Collector Santa Claus available in several cities of the game. The words "Lineage II", "Chronicle" and "Memories" that when collecting the complete word with another 15,000 adenas can be exchanged for a box with several items!
Letter Collector
Another novelty is the availability of the NPC in Portuguese and English! You can change the language of the game by using the .cfg command and selecting the desired option.

The letters can be exchanged in-game via trade, store, drop, anything and this will generate a very good movement in the server economy. The items that can be won at the event will be different, some may trade, others not. Among the most valuable items you can get, we have an XP / SP Rune with 20% bonus for 30 days! Also a box that gives any second class spellbook.

The event will start at 09 december at 12 PM GMT -3  (Click the link to see in different time zones) with the letters drop and the exchange npc. The drops will be closed on December 23 at noon, but the exchange NPC will remain until new year.

But what can we get in the Lineage II, Chronicle and Memories boxes? So let's go!

Lineage II
  • Major Healing Potion
  • Scroll of Resurrection
  • Scroll of Escape
  • Greater Wind Walk Potion
  • Greater Haste Potion
  • Greater Magic Haste Potion
  • Scroll: PK (C-grade)
  • Scroll: PK (B-grade)
  • Scroll: PK (A-grade)
  • Blessed Scroll of Resurrection
  • Blessed Scroll of Escape
  • 1st Class Transfer Effect Scroll (Buffs básicos de 20 minutos)
  • 2nd Class Transfer Effect Scroll  (Buffs intermediários de 20 minutos)
  • Spellbook Chest (Contém 1 spellbook aleatório de segunda job)

  • Greater Wind Walk Potion
  • Elemental Stone
  • Greater Haste Potion
  • Greater Magic Haste Potion
  • SP Scroll (10.000 SP)
  • Scroll XP/SP/Adena (10% de bônus por 30 minutos)
  • Scroll of Experience / SP (20% de bônus por 60 minutos)
  • Box: Roulette Rune (Contém 1 runa aleatória de XP ou SP ou Adena, 10% por 7 dias)
  • Scroll: Enchant Armor (D-grade)
  • Scroll: Enchant Armor (C-grade)
  • Warrior Experience Rune (20% de XP e SP por 30 dias)

  • Horyu Teleport Scroll Aleatório
  • Party Mask
  • Red Party Mask
  • Cat Ears
  • Teddy Bear Hat
  • Jester Hat
  • Wizard Hat
  • Santa Hat
  • Refined Romantic Chapeau
  • Top Hat

Are you ready?

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