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Lineage II Horyu - Lineage 2 Classic 2.5.

About The Project

This is the Horyu Classic project, in which our focus is to produce a LineAge 2 Old School server for players who really like and are looking for this type of configuration. The Horyu Classic Project will start in version 1.5 and as the other versions are stable, we will make the evolution for them ...

All configurations and features that are not informed here are operating in Retail.

Time Server, Site and Forum - GMT -3

Important warning

Always use a valid email for the creation of your account, as it is mandatory and necessary to confirm the registration to be able to log on to our server.


Experience (EXP) - 7x
Skill Points (SP) - 7x
Adena - 7x
Drop: 2x
Spoil: 6x
Enchant System: Retail

Raid Boss and Quest

RBs (EXP / SP) 3x/1x
RBs Drop 1x
Epic 1x
Quest rewards 1x
First and Second Jobs: Retail

Multibox by HWID

System windows with Dual Box Free ... The option will be provided for the Free Dual Box system, thus allowing simultaneous maximum execution of 2 Boxes per HWID ...

Community and Server Currency

Since the Horyu Classic proposal is from a Lineage 2 Low Rate server in the Old School style, the trade of items will be for the currency of the game itself (Adena). We are still looking to activate an internal system in the Community Board so that users can advertise and market items purchased in-game through their skills of Farm, Craft and etc ...


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