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What is going on?
September 20, 2018

Note on maintenance delay.

Every time we have to make a big change in the files, where many patches are implemented, we need to synchronize with the pack distributors and protection with us to make everything work, because our system is all registered and authenticated in our servers. What happened this time is that an error in the protection that was not found before prevented the operation as it should and now we are waiting for the compilation of a new protection and the personnel is already taking care of it. The biggest factor that made it difficult now was the difference in our time zone with the developers.

At any time the server can go online and will be announced to everyone. In addition, all players with active premium account, as well as additional windows and temporary items will not be harmed, as the time duration of these services will be extended.

To connect to the server after this maintenance will be necessary to update your game, the launcher can be downloaded on our download page (Or the full game if you do not have it).
Note that when running the installer, you must choose the installation target, which is where the root folder of your game is currently located.

Sincerely, GM Ares - Horyu.

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