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Horyu Classic - Evento Letter Collector
During this event that will mark the month of December, all mobs of the game can drop several letters and the number II that anyone can exchange in the NPC Letter Collector Santa C...
07 December, 2017
Ordem vs Shield - Lineage Classic 1.5 Horyu
Venha se divertir no melhor Classic da atualidade, segundo os playes que estão jogando e se divertindo muito, o Zaken esta mais atualizado que grandes servidores por ai, seg...
04 November, 2017
Bug fix: Teleport Dark Elf Village and Spider Nest
Good evening... I want to inform you that the Teleport Dark Elf Viillage Bug and Spider Nest has been fixed on the Horyu Classic Client. So all users should download the Laun...
29 October, 2017
Updated Information Download and Patch Links ...
The Zaken world is online! We are waiting for all of you! Server: Horyu Classic 1.5 ~~ Links to our Client ~~ downloads Client Option 1:
29 October, 2017
Warning Today Launch 17hs GMT: -3
Sirs, Good Night! Official Opening this Saturday, October 28, 2017 at 5:00 p.m., Brasilia time. We are a few hours from the opening and I ask you to read the information on t...
28 October, 2017
Grand Opening - Horyu Classic 1.5
Dear good night I hereby communicate to all of you that it is confirmed the launch of Classic 1.5, Mundo Zaken for the next day 10/28/2017 at 5:00 pm Brasilia time. Further d...
17 October, 2017