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Revision: 07-02-2018
By Playing in Horyu Classic you are automatically accepting all the terms below.
1. Administration
1.1. Disrespectful attitudes towards members of the administration are prohibited. This rule applies inside and outside the game. It includes direct or indirect offenses, disclosure of personal profiles (social networks, telephone, emal, etc.), incitement to hatred and derivatives.
Punishments: Temporary or permanent ban of all accounts involved.
1.2. The Administration has the right to block access to any account without justification and without prior notice if it believes that the player is interfering with the project with attitudes prejudicial to good conviviality and gameplay among the players.
1.3. The administration will never ask for your password.
2. Malicious programs
2.1. It is not allowed to use programs that interact with Lineage 2 maliciously such as bot. 
Punishment: Definitive ban on account and associated cons. 
3. Account Sharing
3.1. Your account is personal and non-transferable; this means that you are responsible for your own account and security of the same as your in-game items. The administration does not prohibit the sharing of accounts, but neither is responsible for stolen items or damages to your account and characters. All accounts and passwords in our system are encrypted with the latest security settings. All cases of hacking are from unauthorized access of people who have the password provided to a friend or even sharing with family, boyfriend, etc.
4. Bugs and Exploits
4.1. It is forbidden to take advantage of any type of bug found in the game.
4.2. It is prohibited to disclose and share information regarding game bugs, except with members of the administration by the official media. 
Punishment: Temporary or permanent ban on all accounts involved.
5. Chats, Media and Names
5.1. Offending other players in the same way as the Administration is prohibited, so allegations of such behavior using the game's media are completely against the rules and punishable. The player will be guided by the administration to abandon this behavior and in case of insistences will be framed in the rules and will receive the appropriate punishment. 
Punishment usually light, and can vary from verbal warning, chat blocking or if it depends on persistence and severity the banishment of the offending character.
5.2. If you pass as a member of the Administration is prohibited. Severe punishment including banning the bills involved.
Punishment list for chat:
5.4. Administrative Abuse: 24 hours (1440 minutes).
5.5. Criticize and / or challenge managerial actions: 24 hours (1440 minutes).
5.6. Server defamation in any chat: 24 hours (1440 minutes).
5.7. Propaganda from other servers in any chat: (Account lockout).
5.8. Spam chat, chat hero / global: 2 hours (120 minutes).
5.9. Direct or indirect abuse against the personal life of another player such as social network profile disclosure, defamatory attitudes, swearing in any public chat: 24 hours (1440 minutes). Recidivist: 48 hours (2880 minutes).
5.10. Intimidation of ethnic, homophobic, cyberbulling or nationality hate in any public chat: 24 hours (1440 minutes)
5.11. Discussion of bugs, bots or any similar situation with the same meaning in any chat: 1 hour (60 minutes)
5.12. Announce that you are leaving the server or invite others to do the same: 7 days (10080 minutes)
5.13. Real money exchange of any item, account and service in any chat: account lockout.
5.14. Spam - Repetitive messages using third-party programs or constants that annoys the chat view: 2 hours (120 minutes). In the third punishment the account will be blocked.
6. Exchange of items and accounts
6.1. It is forbidden to start an in-game shop in a way that would disrupt another player or over another player. Simple punishment (Disconnect). Temporary ban of 2 hours in case of persistence.
6.2. Forbidden to start an in-game store in a way that would hinder access to a certain NPC or path to it. Simple punishment (Disconnect). Temporary ban of 2 hours in case of persistence.
6.3. Prohibited sale of any item or account by any form of benefit in the real world: Account lockout.
7. Events
7.1. Entry into an event area determined by management is prohibited unless the player is invited. Simple punishment.
7.2. Any interaction that hinders the performance of an event in a particular area can result in simple punishment.
8. Items lost or stolen.
8.1. Management does not retrieve lost or "dropped" items. Stealing or cheating other players in any way is prohibited and plausible from banishment.
9. PvP and PK
9.1 Performing PK in initial cities disrupting the development of beginning players will result in a temporary ban of up to 24 hours or definitive according to the severity of the case that will be evaluated by the administration after the complaint.
Early localities considered: Talking Island Village, Elven Village, Dark Elf Village, Orc Village and Dwarven Village
9.2 The PvP and PK actions is something native to the game and the administration will not stand in these situations, except in cases reported under Item 9.1 of the server rules.
10. Additional Terms and Conditions:
Before using the services provided by Paypal or Pagseguro to make a donation on our website, you must have knowledge that you will fully agree with the rules set out in the donation rules.
Any attempt to refund initiated on any of our forms of payment will result in the blocking of related accounts.
11. Privacy Policy.
We respect your privacy and this is very important to us.
We do not sell or rent your personal information to third parties for marketing purposes without your explicit consent. Read this privacy policy to learn more about the ways we use and protect your personal information. We want you to fully understand our privacy practices.
The privacy practices in this statement apply to our services available under the domain and subdomains of this website. By visiting this site, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this privacy policy. If you do not agree, do not use our system or visit our website.
This privacy policy describes the information required for the normal operation of our services relating to the data we collect and what happens to that information.
We also do everything in our power to protect user information. All of our users' information is restricted in our offices and data centers. Only employees who need information to perform a specific job have access to personally identifiable information. In addition, all employees are kept up to date on our security and privacy practices. Finally, servers that store personally identifiable information are in a protected environment.

Additional information:

All rules set forth in this term may be re-evaluated at the discretion of management if necessary to best suit occurrences not provided for in these items cited above.

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